Illustration of Iconic Liverpool Architecture

Illustration of the some of the iconic Liverpool Architecture.  Featured in the illustration is a little twist. My dad’s house he grew up in as…

Illustration based on the book, 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' Chapter 5
Alice grows Again
winners never quit! Illustrated T-Shirt based on Dizzee Rascal becoming the first Rapper to win a Mercury Music Prize

chapter 3
Illustration depicting the first chapter of Alice's Adventure in wonderland. Illustrated in a Contemporary , abstract style

This is the first of my Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Illustration.  Working in my usual style of Stick and Ink, I am going to create…

One Third Anglo

Editorial Illustration based on the article


        Editorial Illustrations based on the article from @motherboard. Created using Stick & Ink and mixed media combined digitally.

Uniqlo Design

This was my Entry into the DANDAD/UNIQLO Competition.  I really enjoyed doing this competition as I liked the fact that it could be quite personal….

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