Uniqlo Design


This was my Entry into the DANDAD/UNIQLO Competition.  I really enjoyed doing this competition as I liked the fact that it could be quite personal. The brief was to create a T-Shirt Design for Uniqlo around the theme What does London mean to you.  I didn’t want to do all the  typical things like landmarks, red buses, black taxi’s etc because they are things we all relate to London.  Whenever I’ve been to London it’s always the underground tunnels that I find kind of amusing, how all the commuters rush through the tunnels to either to get to their destination or next train.  I love the feeling of walking alongside them and being carried along with all the commuters and kind of getting ‘carried away’ with myself thinking i’m one of them.  Playing on the word Carried/Carrier I finally came up with a design which I felt represented me and my feelings.  I created a plastic shopping with the logo of the underground printed on top, this allowed the London theme to come into the drawing.  I also placed an abstracted drawing of an escalator at the bottom of the design moving up towards the middle and a continuous line drawing placed above of a ‘carrier’ pigeon again to bring back the London theme while still keeping in with my original feeling.  This shows how it is only when we reach the escalator’s and move up into the streets of London that we are free from the huddles of the underground.  UNIQLO_MEL_tshirt-specsUniqlo Design

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